Phelps, Bolt and an unfortunate IOC President

But Bolt was far from finished. He had one event left – the 4 x 100m relay. When the event did come around it was unfortunate that the USA dropped the baton in the semi finals. For many the result would have been no different. Bolt teamed up with Powell and their two-other team mates to establish a new world record for the event.

Mission accomplished. 

Bolt had established three world records in taking three gold medals. These were much less than the eight gold medals and seven world records of Michael Phelps but they were far more emphatic in the way in which they were won. Bolt’s achievements can at best be characterised as demolition jobs.

Unfortunate Jacques Rogge

According to at least one source it appears that International Olympic Committee President, Jacques Rogge, felt it necessary to respond to media concerns and made some comments on Bolt following his 100m victory.

The comments made by Rogge came at a bad time and incensed much of the sporting world.

It is very unfortunate that even at the very highest level there are people who fail to engage brain before putting mouth in gear.

Bolt’s conduct cannot in any way be considered disrespectful or unsporting. His immense joy at the stunning performance, at once claiming the gold medal and establishing a world record that placed him above all else on the all-time best 100m performances was what was on display. Even his fellow competitors in the 100m commended him on his performance and this was repeated after his 200m victory and world record. They found nothing to criticise in the man’s conduct, contrary to Rogge and the IOC.