Phelps, Bolt and an unfortunate IOC President

A young Jamaican, not yet 21, demolishes the world record and took the spectacle of the Beijing Olympics to new heights following the conclusion of Phelps’ swimming feats and the IOC President could find nothing better to do than to chide Bolt’s conduct after the 100m. 

What could Rogge have been thinking when he allowed himself to make the unfortunate critical remarks about Bolt’s conduct?

He must have lost it for a moment.

To which articles in the Olympic Charter could Rogge have been referring when he made his ridiculous comments? None.

That there appears to be some members of the IOC who are willing to stand by Rogge in the face of the global response to his comments is itself reflective of just how much out of touch they are with today’s reality and their unwillingness to take time to understand the very different cultures that the Games are intended to bring together.

Rogge’s comments ignore the nuances of change taking place around him and the IOC. It may well be that outside of the Games the IOC may find itself losing relevance to today’s youths if only because its leadership seem to cringe at anything that even remotely seems different to their own values, many of which remain Eurocentric and archaic to the core.