Please for some sense of direction re sports facilities

Facilities needed
Sport in St Vincent and the Grenadines continues to grow at a very fast pace. Perhaps it is the pace of its growth that does not allow the politicians to see what is happening and therefore leaves them alien to the increasing needs of those involved in respect of venues and equipment as well as financial support.
Perhaps if the National Lotteries Authority’s financial resources were not expended on a range of projects, some of which tend to stretch the concept of culture in particular, more of these would have been available to meet the growing needs of sports and sportspersons in St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Boxing has almost fallen off the national sports radar largely because of the government’s failure to even lend an ear to the fact that it needs a place to locate the boxing ring which it had received as a gift from Martinique several years ago.
Indeed it is the same lack of insight into the problems of boxing that forced the association to leave the ring at Arnos Vale, exposed to the elements, because there was no approved place for the Executive members to carry it.
Perhaps if it could have fit at anyone’s home that individual executive member would gladly have come to the organisation’s assistance.
The athletes of St Vincent and the Grenadines continue to aim after athletic scholarships, competing against the best in the region but utilizing grass surfaces for running, jumping and throwing, must to the amazement of the athletes against whom they compete each year.
When Arnos Vale is being prepared for regional and international cricket the athletes are made to use anywhere else; it does not matter how inadequate the surfaces are elsewhere.
Our cyclists have been literally begging for the roads to be repaired so that they can prepare to compete abroad and the Cycling Union can host road races here. They risk their lives each time they attempt to compete in a race on the poorly kept roads.
Our drivers who once thought that motorsport was acceptable and who held a few events over the years, attracting hundreds of Vincentians at any given time, have found out that they cannot attract the attention of the politicial directorate to understand their needs.
The recent hint that at least one minister may be interested in listening
comes more like an elections gimmick than a genuine interest in the development of the sport. More than any other sporting organization in the country, motorsport athletes have used their won resources to make their sport viable and that includes making race tracks. Like the Cycling Union the Motorsports organizations have mapped out routes that they can use for competition without much difficulty if only the government would understand.
Here again the NSC is an onlooker rather than the initiator of action in respect of the development of appropriate facilities for sport in St Vincent and the Grenadines.