Preparing for the Commonwealth Games

Netball’s first
In the case of Netball, the International Federation of Netball Associations (IFNA) agreed that the selection of participating teams would have been based on their respective ranking in the most recent World Championships that were held in Jamaica. From this the Caribbean had Jamaica and Barbados as its first representatives. There was however, room for a third Caribbean country and this country hosted a playoff between Trinidad and Tobago, Canada and itself. The other Caribbean countries could have participated but chose not to do so. The national team qualified by emerging winners at the playoff competition.

Getting ready
The St Vincent and the Grenadines team to the Commonwealth Games will be drawn from Aquatics, Athletics, Boxing, Cycling, Netball, Table Tennis and Squash.

Of course, Boxing has been plagued by problems of access to an adequate training venue to such an extent that the leadership has been decidedly frustrated. It remains doubtful whether, given the time left before the Commonwealth Games, Boxing would be able to get what is required to field any competitor for the event.

Swimming continues to be at the mercy of the absence of adequate and appropriate facilities here. Perhaps only the likes of Donnie De Freitas, now studying and training in Cuba, may be deemed to have appropriate access enough o have him compete favourably at the stellar event in Melbourne.
St Vincent and the Grenadines has not been involved in the other aspects of Aquatics – Diving and Synchronized Swimming.
Training in the sea is woefully inadequate for top level competition at the Commonwealth games and those who are home based have little choice. The hotels that have graciously provided assistance by allowing use of their pools must be congratulated. This however is inadequate since there is not a singly hotel with an Olympic size pool available. In fact, some of the pools are merely for the recreation of guests and are very small in size; too small to allow any form of training by an athlete to be considered acceptable.