Press Release – Panam Sports – Lima 2019

LIMA, PERU (August 9, 2019) – Committed to the fight against doping in sport and the values of fair play, the Pan American Sports Organization, Panam Sports, informs the public that to date, a total of 1,197 anti-doping controls have been carried out on the athletes participating in the Pan American Games of Lima 2019. Of these, 670 were taken in competition and 527 out of competition.
These tests represent one of the largest amounts of samples taken in the history of these continental Games, demonstrating the commitment of Panam Sports to uphold the highest standards of fair play as well as the Olympic and Pan American values in all of its competitions.
According to the Medical Commission of Panam Sports, chaired by Dr. Bernardo Chernilo, of the 1,197 tests to date, one (1) adverse case has been found, corresponding to the athlete from the Dominican Republic, Audrey Joel Perez, belonging to the Men’s Baseball team. The doping control test was positive for Oxandrolone (anabolic). In the case of Adverse Analytical Findings of athletes competing in Team Sports, more than two positive cases are required to invalidate the team’s result, so this case does not disqualify the team from the Dominican Republic.
The athlete was informed of this result and his accreditation was immediately withdrawn.
Faced with the potential for more positive cases in the final days of competition, or those that are still under review, Panam Sports is committed to providing information as soon as cases are confirmed and all due process has been complied with according to our standards and regulations.
The American Sports Organization (Panam Sports) is the leader of sport and the Olympic Movement in the Americas. We propel the development of sport and support our 41 member National Olympic Committees to inspire more participation in international competitions as well as participation of the youth to prepare the generation to come in our region.
Panam Sports works closely with athletes, National Olympic Committees (NOC), Organizing Committees of all regional games, Pan American Sport Confederations, International Federations (IF) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to secure the success and celebration of our main event, the Pan American Games.
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