Programming for Youth in Sport

Despite efforts of the NOC, however, there is not enough being done to harmonise the development initiatives of the various sporting organisations. It is pretty much a case of each one doing its own thing. In this vein therefore it is not surprising that there often seems a mad scramble for the children. Every association has some programme that targets the children in an effort to bolster the membership and increase the chances of success. There is little by way of adopting the scientific approach to the sport development process among most organisations and even less attention is placed to the relationship between the biological development process of the children and the kinds of sports development programmes to which they are exposed by these institutions.

Despite having trained a seemingly endless number of coaches in different sporting disciplines, the NOC cannot boast of anything above a three to five per cent active involvement of those trained in the developmental work of the various sporting bodies here. It is also not a case of incentives since where these have been offered the clamour is for more remuneration even without hoisting a stroke in the field.

It is unfortunate that many of our coaches seem to think that coaching is  frivolous activity when in reality it requires very high levels of commitment, dedication and diligence if one is to succeed.

Recruiting and retaining athletes

Few organisations give due consideration to how they go about recruiting athletes. If asked many may well experience a measure of difficulty in seeking an appropriate response.

In St Vincent and the Grenadines national sports associations do not advertise for members. They leave it to the general public to show interest by bringing their children to the sport of their choice.