Rene Baptiste – the Minister of Sport?

Sports protocol
There are times when fanciful ideas seem to suddenly take hold of politicians and the masses are left duped. All too often politicians spout their ideas seemingly without giving due attention to the content and the implications. It is almost as though the politicians expect the masses to be always taken in by whatever they choose to say and do without any sort of analysis being made.
As far as the Vincentian public is aware Baptiste was in Cuba for medical attention. As a minister of government with particular portfolios she is well entitled to engage in discussions with her Cuban counterparts relative to them. The matter of engaging in discussions in respect of the portfolio of another minister of government is something that warrants closer examination in this particular case.
One thing is certain, at the time of leaving for Cuba there were no announcements from the government through any of its now expansive media personnel cadre about Minister Baptiste’ for ay into the field of sport and more particularly, boxing.
Of importance to all of us is whether or not Baptiste went to Cuba armed with a mandate from the government or from the Minister of Sport, Glen Beache, to negotiate the arrangements for Cuban boxing coaches to come to St Vincent and the Grenadines.
The sports protocol with Cuba has been signed since the James Mitchell administration and nothing ever came from it. Despite repeated appeals from the sporting fraternity here the Mitchell administration failed to venture into the details of the protocol. Some associations, especially boxing, would have wanted the assistance from Cuba given the prowess of that country in the sport. Unfortunately nothing was done.
There were many in the sports community who were convinced that despite comments to the contrary the Mitchell administration showed no real love for sport and perhaps never saw it as integral to national development. The ULP administration which seems to claim more love for Fidel and the Cubans than even the original Cubans in Cuba, have done nothing to establish and/or forge closer links with the Cubans in respect of our sport development process.