Rene Baptiste – the Minister of Sport?

A ULP administration that claims in its Youth Manifestos to so love our youths have spent several years in office and not a single Cuban coach has as yet shown up on our shores to assist our boxers or volleyballers – two areas in which the Cubans are strong and capable of facilitating development of these respective sporting disciplines here.
Now, suddenly, we have the Minister of Culture touring part of her constituency and seemingly informing the nation about Cuban boxing coaches.
It seems appropriate therefore to ask, has the Hon Minister approached the Boxing Association here?
Has Minister Baptiste been in discussion with Hon Glen Beache relative to her revelation about discussions in Cuba on the possibility of having Cuban boxing coaches come here?
Is Minister Baptiste seeking to placate the youths in her constituency by putting to the fore the proverbial carrot that there will be Cuban coaches who will boost boxing in Edinboro, part of her constituency?

National Sports Policy
There is in place a national sports policy and it seems important for us all to remember that.
Since we live in a democracy it seems incumbent on those in the political directorate to ensure that structures and established protocols are followed at all times.
Sporting enthusiasts here may well recall that some time ago, while carrying the portfolio of Minister of Tourism and Culture, Minister Baptiste convened a seemingly unplanned symposium on Sports Tourism. Wes Hall was brought in from Barbados ostensibly as the primary resource person and we were all told that Michael Findlay had something to do with the leadership of a proposed sports tourism thrust under the ambit of the ministry. At the time there were many within the national sports fraternity who hastened to criticise the way in which the entire issue unfolded. Attendance by the sports fraternity here was particularly poor. Many did not even know about the activity while others learnt about it much too late to change plans and attend. As expected nothing came of it. The symposium was the alpha and the omega all wrapped in one. The start was in fact the inevitable end with no movement having taken place.