Reshaping the sporting scenario in SVG

2. Meet with the respective governing bodies as soon as possible. Since taking office the Minister has not yet convened a meeting with the respective governing bodies for the different sporting disciplines in the state. This is necessary if he is to set the stage for him placing his own inimitable stamp on the national sports development process.
The Minister has already met with the Sports Department in his own Ministry and one would have imagined that a meeting with the governing bodies would have been the inevitable. This not having been the case it now seems incumbent on the Minister to get it right.
While governments are inevitably involved in supporting sporting events of a regional and international nature held here it is nonetheless through the national sports associations that these events can be requested and the rights secured for hosting them. There has to be a fundamentally strong working relationship between the national sports associations and the Ministry of Tourism, Youth and Sports at all times if the Minister is to make the kind of impact on the development process that sports can make.

3. Once more it seems necessary for the new Minister to revisit the National Sports Policy of St Vincent and the Grenadines. Now that he has the added portfolio of Tourism under his ambit it may be an opportune time for him to address more deliberately the matter of sports tourism as a viable option for St Vincent and the Grenadines.
Thus far we have had only talk on this matter and it seems urgent that he turn his attention to revisiting the Policy to meet the demands of his new portfolio.

4. The Minister has to determine, in collaboration with the different sports associations the precise focus of his attention during his tenure in office. He has to determine which of the sports played here should and would receive his attention and the funding from government as part of the overall development strategy.
it may be that at the end of the day there may be a decision that for the next five years or so the government would be prepared to provide support to only five national associations that it is believed has the capacity to so elevate their [performances as to place St Vincent and the Grenadines on the world’s sporting map and perhaps even gain medals at regional and international competitions.