Reshaping the sporting scenario in SVG

This requires a comprehensive analysis of the relative strengths of the respective associations, the appeal to potential participants, their capacity to grow and develop on the basis of a well planned grassroots strategy that would unearth the most talented athletes and facilitate their upward movement in the sport.
The sport should also be popular enough to ensure large enthusiastic crowds at competitions and offer good reason for them to be placed high on the national sports tourism agenda.
The economy of St Vincent and the Grenadines cannot support all of the sports being played here all at once.  Clearly each of the several sports being practiced here would wish to be among the few selected to commence this new initiative. This harsh decision must nonetheless be taken dispassionately and on the basis of the analysis hitherto mentioned.
The government should then meet with the selected associations and together establish a clear policy mission and appropriate strategies for the future with a realistic time frame for results to emerge. The strategies must include the construction and equipping of the requisite facilities  of international standard for each of the selected sports, the identification of local and international coaches of distinction, the funding of appropriate gear for the athletes and opportunities for high level competition on a frequent basis and the encouragement to bid
to host regional and international competitions.
In most countries, especially the most economically advanced the governments quickly recognized the importance of a phased approach to the sports development process. We do not need to reinvent the wheel and should therefore ensure that ours is an approach imbued with realism and not outlandish political flamboyance.
It must be noted here that the government may do well to seek assistance from fraternal countries like Cuba, Venezuela and Taiwan if it is to move this process forward. But it is also extremely important for the government to recognize that increasingly fraternal countries are anxious to know what one is doing for oneself. This is the reason for the establishment of the appropriate base here at home as per the foregoing before approaching these others for help.