Reshaping the sporting scenario in SVG

In the Caribbean we are not proficient at long term planning. We seem to prefer the Nescafe Model – simply add hot water and stir.
The time has come for us to think about the requirements of making it to the world stage. It requires detailed short, medium and long term planning.
We must be prepared to go the long haul. We must be patient and not expect that initially we must see our athletes emerging as champions.
Our Cuban friends have shown a high level of proficiency of working with athletes for some six to eight years with the intention of securing gold medals at the level of world and Olympic events.
We can do no less.
The matter of the construction of adequate facilities of international standards is no mean feat and will incur major costs.
Likewise the preparation of athletes and teams requires time, dedication and large sums of money to facilitate the right diet, psychological preparation, competitions and equipment.
The media must understand and be patient as the programmes take root.
The populace must be motivated to encourage the sports associations and the athletes involved by being there for their own children to take the process forward. They cannot be mere spectators.
St Vincent and the Grenadines is in no way short of talented athletes, coaches and administrators.
If we can just put politics aside and commit to the genuine development of all of the nation we could forge an interesting and exciting future in sport.