Revisiting our Sports Awards

We should not have to distinguish between a Vincentian national living in St Vincent and the Grenadines and one who is living abroad.
The NSC appears to have determined that the National Sports Personality Award is for an outstanding Vincentian athlete who has been able to compete at home at some pint during the year. The individual athlete who does not compete at home is therefore ineligible for this award but eligible for the International Sports Personality Award.
With the greatest of respect the decision of the NSC only serves to create confusion in the minds of those who believe that the National Sports Personality ought to be the single most outstanding Vincentian athlete whether or not that athlete has been able to compete at home at any time during the year.

Home-based competition
Some athletes cannot compete at home and this is not because they do not wish to do so.
Adonal Foyle, for example, has been unable to represent St Vincent and the Grenadines in local and regional basketball competitions largely because of the terms and conditions of his contract. It has been made abundantly clear that such engagements would leave him without the insurance coverage that he receives as a member of the Golden State Warriors, the team for which he plays in the NBA.
Should Foyle choose to compete in the aforementioned competitions he will be on his own in terms of dealing with any injuries sustained. More than this he will also find himself uncompensated by the Golden State Warriors for the period of his injury in the unlikely event that such a mishap occurs. The local Basketball Federation simply does not have the resources to adequately compensate Foyle in such a situation and hence has accepted that he cannot play for any national team at the present time.
We can also take the case of Sophia Young. She was outstanding within the NCAA achieving MVP status and enjoying the acclaim that went with that. Everyone in the USA who follows College Basketball knew that Sophia was from St Vincent and the Grenadines. Now that she is in the WNBA she is likely to suffer the same fate as Adonal Foyle relative to the National Sports Personality Award.
We can also mention Sancho Lyttle also of the WNBA and the seeming unlikelihood of experiencing the same fate as the aforementioned duo.