Revisiting our Sports Awards

The NSC must immediately review the criteria for the Sports Journalist award.
We do have people in the electronic media who have become quite proficient at sports coverage. It therefore seems fair that they be given the same opportunity to vie for top honours in their chosen field.

Sports Photography
Our sports photographers are decidedly poor. Evidence of this is to be found in the equipment that they use in their coverage of sports. One quick perusal of their equipment as compared with professional sports photographers and one understands the deficiency.
We do not seem to be concerned with quality.
None of our sports journalists possess any modern photographic equipment to adequately cover sports. We do not see the large wide-angle lenses so common in international sport.
It is common at international sports to have these photojournalists change places ever so often given the nature of the job. They are known to spend lengthy periods with eyes glued to the camera in search of that most exciting shot.
Here we are lucky when we get a genuine action shot.
In light of the foregoing it is extremely difficult for the NSC to have an array of sports action photographs from which to choose the best sports photograph. That may well be the reason why some time ago an enterprising young man submitted a photo that he had taken off his video camera. The continuous pursuit of action via the video camera facilitated his capturing of a more appropriate action shot.
Perhaps it is a matter of cost why our sports journalists are so equipment handicapped. Perhaps too it is a matter of lack of professionalism in respect of our u
nderstanding of the requirements of the job. Whatever the reason the submissions are often woefully deficient.
Unfortunately for us in St Vincent and the Grenadines rather than seek to push for ever higher standards of performance we seem only too anxious to accept mediocrity and relax on our otherwise unacceptable laurels.