Revisiting our Sports Awards

National sports associations
Our national sports associations often leave us in a major quandary wondering why it is we do not seem prepared to bring a sense of academic appreciation to the work being undertaken.
Some national sports associations seem not to understand the importance of having their own national awards ceremony on an annual basis.
If indeed charity does begin at home it seems incumbent upon our respective national sports associations to show appreciation to all those within the fraternity who would have performed well during the year. That seems basic enough.
Such an activity will surely enhance the membership’s understanding of what they are doing in the particular sport and may serve to encourage them to give more of themselves, their energies and time to the sport and its development.
Additionally, once the national sports associations have held their annual awards then all they have to do is make their submissions immediately to the NSC for the broader national awards.
National sports associations should be encouraged to organise their own national sports awards, however simple. They should also be encouraged to maintain statistics relating to their respective sporting disciplines.

The NSC may wish to consider a comprehensive review of the Annual Awards ceremony. The planning for the next year must always begin immediately following the one that has been completed and should always involve a detailed review of all aspects of the activity.
There are still too many straws in the wind that must be addressed.
While we can all claim that we are not all perfect this must not allow us to relax into comfortable mediocrity. We must always strive after perfection.
Perhaps if the WICB paid any attention to this maxim we would have been mush better off as a cricketing region than is currently the case.