Revisiting the National Sports Policy Part I

The national sports policy states its mission thus: To ensure that all Vincentians have equal access to physical education, recreation and sports, both within the education system and other aspects of social life.
From the outset therefore the intent of the policy is to facilitate equal access for all Vincentians to physical education, recreation and sport because of their importance to the general well being of the members of the society. No one is to be left out of the process. It is all inclusive and all encompassing.
The mission seeks to convey the impression that there is a recognition that physical well being is critical to the development process of the nation.

The national sports policy has the following objectives:
1. To ensure that physical education, sports and recreation are an integral part of Vincentian life.
2. To develop an active, healthy, physically and mentally fit nation through involvement in physical education, sport and recreational activities.
3. To promote and encourage mass participation in physical education, sports and recreation activities by deliberate educational programmes under the ambit of ‘Sports For All’.
4. To establish a range of incentives and appropriate awards for those involved in the sports development process.
5. To encourage Sports Tourism as an integral component of national development.
The objectives point to a sense that St Vincent and the Grenadines will undertake to promote Sport for All as a viable option, consistent with the overall mission.

The sports policy addresses the issue of sports infrastructure as follows: