Revisiting the National Sports Policy Part I

1.1 Sports infrastructure shall be integral to the broader Community Development process of the National Government.
1.2 In the context of Sport For All, all public sports facilities shall be accessible to
all Vincentians with no discrimination on the basis of age, colour, ethnicity, sex, religion, political affiliation or physical disability.
1.3 Facilities for Physical Education, Recreation and sports, wherever feasible, must take into consideration the population spread and the location of schools, in order to benefit from optimal utilization.
1.4 Wherever feasible, adequately designed and equipped facilities shall be constructed for the development of mass sports and high performance sport capable of meeting the requirements of international sports federations for the hosting of regional and international championships. Always, the respective National Sports Associations shall be involved.
1.5 Construction of facilities must make allowances for the participation of athletes who are physically challenged.
1.6 Private investment and that of national sports associations in the construction of sports facilities to complement the efforts of the Ministry of Sport and the National Sports Council should be encouraged.
1.7 Where feasible public buildings deemed appropriate for use as sporting facilities, shall be so designated but with clear criteria, including public liability insurance governing such usage.
1.8 In the development of Sports infrastructure across the State care must be taken to protect the environment at all times.
1.9 Area Sports Committees (ASC) shall be encouraged and designated responsibility for the use and maintenance of facilities, attendant equipment and amenities and shall, in turn, be responsible to the National Sports Council.
1.10 Annual assessments shall be made of the sports facilities and equipment therein and decisive action be taken to upgrade, repair and replenish where appropriate.
1.11 Government, wherever feasible, must ensure that adequate space is provided for recreation at schools, in communities and housing developments.
1.12 Government must also ensure that facilities provided for sport are of acceptable standards to allow for the proper development of the respective sport.