Revisiting the National Sports Policy Part II

2.3 Sporting organisations shall be encouraged to establish clear guidelines on behaviour deemed consistent with the principles of Fair Play as related to their respective disciplines.

None of our national sports associations have ever conceptualised this particular component of the national sports policy.

2.4 Efforts must be made to ensure that participants are not encouraged to hold expectations unrelated to their capacities.

The sports organisations around us have done their utmost instead to promote a ‘win at all cost’ attitude among its players. We have had situations in the past where teachers in charge of teams have actually led the charge in calling umpires ‘cheats’ because their team was losing.

There are leaders of some sporting organisations who stand on the sidelines of a game and encourage their players to ‘take out’ this or that opponent during a game.

2.5 Research aimed at facilitating improved understanding of the range of issues surrounding involvement in sport which identifies the extent of good behaviour and the opportunities for promoting Fair Play is to be encouraged.

We live in a Caribbean that does not seem anxious to place much emphasis on research and hence we can expect that this particular aspect of the national sports policy would prove a major challenge in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Despite the challenges however it is nonetheless important that we commence the process of research that promotes positive values in sport.

2.6 The National Sports Advisory Committee shall appoint an appropriate body to act as final arbiter on matters affecting sporting organizations and sports in general in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.