Revisiting the National Sports Policy Part II


The national sports policy does spend much time on the matter of finance. However it is also a truism that we have not been particularly attentive to this aspect of the document.

3.1 The financing of sports development in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines shall take a tripartite approach: Government, private sector and National Sports Associations.

While the intention was to have a tripartite approach this has not been an established practice. Where it occurs is a result of chance rather than deliberate strategy.

3.2 Government shall make an appropriate annual provision to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the National Sports Council for the sport development process. The National Lotteries Authority shall be one of the primary sources of local funding for National Sports Associations. However such funds shall be channelled through the National Sports Council and the National Sports Foundation.

This is one area of the sports policy that continues to be a hotbed of contention. The rules of engagement here are not particularly clear. We have spent several columns focusing on the element of confusion where all seems left to the National Lotteries Authority to make the final decision in respect of the requests of the respective associations. The end result is that the Council acts no more than a conduit and not a decision-making or advisory body in respect of the requests made to and through it.

3.3 Sporting goods imported by and/or donated to National Sports Associations from outside St Vincent and the Grenadines for the expressed purpose of the developing the respective disciplines shall be eligible for duties exemption.