Revisiting the National Sports Policy Part II

We must admit that in the recent past the government has adhered to this aspect of the policy and it has already begun to pay handsome dividends for the developmental work of the various associations, especially those involved in the Grassroots Talent Id
entification programme of the NOC.

Many of these associations have been able to acquire the equipment needed to facilitate their extension work across the country.

3.4 The Private sector shall be encouraged to contribute financially and otherwise to the development of Physical Education, Sports and Recreation in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Contributors shall be eligible for tax concessions deemed appropriate by Government and encompassed in laws.

Here again the government has facilitated this aspect of the policy. There is always the question of whether or not the private sector is sufficiently aware of this aspect of the programme or adequately appreciative of its existence to give more generously to the sports associations that approach them during any given year.

3.5 National Sports Associations shall endeavour to raise such funds as are possible by their own endeavours.

National sports associations have not always played their part in seeking to raise funds for their own activities. Many find great difficulty in raising funds through the more traditional means of BBQs. The fact that the economic circumstances have caused many Vincentians to engage in similar activities as a means of making a living for themselves and their families have derailed the efforts of national sports associations in this regard.

3.6 Notwithstanding the autonomy of National Sports Associations and their loyalty to their International Parent Bodies appropriate mechanisms of accountability shall be established for all national sports associations receiving financial assistance from Government, the private sector and individual efforts.