Revisiting the National Sports Policy Part II

While the intention here is not to target any particular organisation it is important that our sporting organisations recognise the awesome responsibility placed upon them to be accountable.

The decision by the NOC to encourage the various national sports organisations to become legally incorporated as non-profit organisations is a step in the right direction and there are too many that are still tardy in achieving this objective.

The acquisition of sponsorship from the private sector, the Vincentian public and the government is serious business. It is a contract with the association to utilise the funds so acquired to the systematic advancement of the sport in the manner intended when the requests for assistance were made.

Unfortunately not all of our sporting organisations seem sufficiently committed to the fundamental principles of accountability and the intention of the policy is to correct this reality.

3.7 An appropriate Activity Index shall be introduced for all National Sports Associations and shall serve as the major guide to their on-going performances.

The NOC has begun applying this principle in its dealings with affiliates. Unfortunately there needs to be such a strategy to deal with all associations regardless of whether they are Olympic sports.

National sports associations must not exist only in name. They must be engaged in activities that are consistent with their constitutions. They must be truly functional, having annual general meetings, regular executive meetings, hosting national championships at the different levels and fostering grassroots development through systematic talent identification initiatives.