Rewarding outstanding athletes’ achievements

During 2005 TASVG vigorously pursued the implementation of the various components of its Strategic Plan.
In the area of branding, TASVG unfurled two logos, both of which have proven to be quite popular. The Go Athletics logo is intended to be a major mechanism for promoting the sport of athletics across St Vincent and the Grenadines. Its dynamic presentation compares favourably with the sport itself.
TASVG has already begun using the two logos on a host of items and will in 2006 make several items available for sale across St Vincent and the Grenadines.
It is expected that the logos will help the organisation attract more people to the sport to serve in different capacities.

TASVG has been committed to the development of coaches and has been sending local coaches abroad with great frequency to develop themselves further to better serve the organisation and the sport.
Coaches have also been exposed to the CECS Level #1 Course here at home and some are expected to show a high enough proficiency as to earn the right to pursue Level # 2 in some aspect of the sport.
The Right On Track (ROT) programme is an innovative way of coaches bringing the sport to the children of this country. Each Saturday a team of senior and junior coaches move in a caravan style to a playing field in a different district for the sole purpose of introducing the sport to the children. This programme has immense potential for reaching thousands of children from amongst whom the best will be taken forward in an Athletics Academy currently under development by TASVG. It is also a way of bringing more persons into the realm of coaching to continue the work started by the visiting team.
The importance placed on coaching has led TASVG to allocate a place on its Executive to a coach, selected by his/her peers, to represent their interests in the decision-making process. It is also the reason why there is an annual award for the Coach of the Year.