Rewarding outstanding athletes’ achievements

TASVG has once again decided to award a Volunteer of the Year. This innovative award is an attempt at showing due appreciation to those persons who give of their time and energies to provide assistance to the athletics fraternity. During 2005 these volunteers were called upon to travel to many different areas with the organisation ensuring that all aspects of the respective events were adequately catered for.
It seems most appropriate therefore that each year one of these volunteers is given due recognition. It is expected that by so doing more persons would show an interest in becoming a volunteer for the sport that is the foundation of all other sporting disciplines of an outdoor nature.

Technical Officials
Over the years athletics in St Vincent and the Grenadines has been training persons to serve as technical officials in its several events.
Some technical officials have developed a very high level of proficiency and continue to be of great service to the organisation.
TASVG therefore thought it necessary to provide an annual award as an incentive to technical officials who service the sport.

No Limits
In the face of limited resources and a host of other negatives TASVG has continued to provide opportunities for those interested in the sport to grow and develop. Excellence is always an option and there is much more that has to be done to guarantee higher levels of competence in all aspects of the sport from the athlete through to the administrators.
Regular meetings and constant monitoring of the implementation process relative to the Strategic and Marketing Plans of TASVG places it in a position to take the adminis
tration of the sport generally to new heights in St Vincent and the Grenadines and beyond. No member of the Executive is left out of the decision-making process and all are in the know in respect of all aspects of the business of the organisation.
Training is in the offing for administrators as much as it exists for others in the sport.
In a real sense there are no limits in the quest for excellence.
St Vincent and the Grenadines could only benefit from the development plans of TASVG.