Shortage of discipline in Vincentian sport

There are some parents who are guilty of allowing their children to be involved in a sort of ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ type of conduct. Their children want what they see their peers have and without being concerned about cost and the ability to make ends meet, the parents hustle after it to make their children at peace with them.
There are also some parents who see their children develop an interest in sport and who pay little or no attention. Some may pay only as much attention as it requires to stop them from playing sport because they have academic work to do, as if the two are incompatible. Even as they take this stance there are parents among this group who wonder whether their children are really attending school, given the absence of any serious commitment to studying. Some marvel when they see that their children have been successful at exams given their slothful approach to their work. Even here the lack of discipline is clearly evident.
Some children continue to play sport without parental interest or guidance and lose the vital discipline that should otherwise make for a healthier approach to their development in the chosen pursuit.
Unfortunately the case is all too rare these days where parents take an interest in the child’s development and deliberate engage in strategies aimed at facilitating discipline as an integral part of the child’s personality. It is extremely difficult therefore for such children to be disciplined in sport or in any other aspect of his/her personal development under the several relatively negative conditions mentioned above.

The school
We live at a time where many are entering the profession of teaching because of an inability to secure any other type of employment. Teachers’ development does not mean much for those persons who have so gotten involved with teaching. Teaching is a vocation. It requires a tremendous amount of dedication and that requires time. Unfortunately many of our young teachers do not have the time to become teachers in the true sense of the word. Such individuals cannot help the child who has already lost the sense of discipline in the home.