Shortage of discipline in Vincentian sport

There is also the case where the young child who enters school today in St Vincent and the Grenadines seems all too eager to follow his/her peers into adopting the American way of life rather than show much interest in being Vincentian. Indeed from the manner of speaking, dressing, walking and the nature of the discussions with their peers all point to them developing virtually as strangers in their own homeland. This is most unfortunate and is responsible for many teachers’ failure to understand their students.
We have watched in awe as our students have taken the gun and the knife to school and showing a level of impatience and intolerance with any and everyone including the teachers. Thus, we find stabbings and threats fast becoming the order of the day in many of the nation’s schools. It does not seem far-fetched to consider that the time will soon come when it would be necessary to have metal detectors installed as a necessary component of the construction of our schools.
Teachers are already displaying a level of fear of the students such that they are wont to leave them to their own devices rather than seek to instil discipline. In today’s St Vincent and the Grenadines some teachers seem too timid to even use the term, discipline, in front of the students. Many dare not take up the challenge of trying to help the student whose parents have given up on him/her. The risk seems too great.
The students who opt for sport may well be the ones who seem to have the least interest in academic work and who engage in the particular practice to release their energies. In many respects these students are not likely to make good sportspersons because they lack the discipline required for them to work diligently under the guidance of a coach, in order to become proficient in the particular sporting discipline.
The school, like the home, is fast becoming one of the more frightening places to be.