Shortage of discipline in Vincentian sport

The church
There was a time when religion held sway in Vincentian society. That was when religious personalities had a relatively high status and were respected by all in society whether or not they were from the same persuasion. That is now no longer the case.
Religious leaders are now seen as mere mortal beings with as many or more human frailties than the man on the bloc.
The upshot of all this is that the child no longer gets the impression that he/she should allow the teachings of the religious leaders to impact the way they live and their understanding of things around them.
With society being far more secular today than ever before in history there is little hope that any of this will change in the near future. Besides, far too many of the religious leaders have become embroiled in such a wide range of unsavoury and irreligious activities that they no longer stand as good or worthy exemplars for today’s youths.
The discipline shown by families over the years to practice to pray at home, inculcate a life of prayer and faith, ensure observance of the Sabbath and attend religious service as a matter of course, has all but disappeared.
Today’s children seem to have the privilege of deciding for themselves at a very early age whether or not they ‘feel’ like attending service today or any other day. Faith is deemed relative.

Society at large
Vincentian society of today is not what it used to be. That is to be expected. However, it often seems, like the old people say, ‘we may have thrown out the baby with the bath water’, in our anxiety to readily accept change.