Some interesting Caricom initiatives

Caribbean Anti Doping Organisation
After much debate on the establishment of a Caribbean Anti Doping Organisation (CADO), the meeting approved Barbados as the host country for the new institution.
Initial funding for the operations of the organization would be provided by the Commonwealth Secretariat, following which other sources of funding would have to used for this purpose.
For all intents and purposes the Caribbean Anti Doping Organisation would be the official regional representative of the World Anti Doping Agency, facilitating the coordination of doping control activities and procedures across the Caribbean and servicing in particular, those smaller countries that cannot afford the establishment of their own National Anti Doping Agency (NADO).
Of course, Barbados and Jamaica had already established NADOS respectively however, while Barbados is now intrinsically involved in the establishment and hosting of the CADO, only Jamaica within the Caribbean would stay outside of this latter grouping, opting at this time to stay with its NADO operations.

The primary roles and responsibilities of the CADO are:

  • Create an advisory board to develop strategies for the region
  • Employ appropriate staff to work independently to run the operations
  • Facilitate the expansion of CADO to include other countries not yet involved
  • Assist NOCs and government agencies in developing educational strategies and appropriate materials
  • Source funding
  • Develop and implement, in cooperation with NOCs and Government agencies appropriate anti doping rules and regulations for the region
  • Secure the necessary agreements with laboratories, couriers and other pertinent bodies relative to the needs of each country involved
  • Review and approve test distributions plans for ach NOC/government agency
  • Coordinate the conduct of tests within the region, independent of NOCs and government agencies
  • Manage agreements with other organizations requesting the administration of tests in the Caribbean
  • Work along with the organizers of major Meets/Competitions in the Caribbean
  • Build support among national sports associations
  • Establishment an appropriate and competent Results Management Committee
  • Train appropriate personnel (two per country) to engage in the drug testing procedures for and on behalf of the CADO.

The establishment of CADO is a major step forward in the fight against drugs in sport in the Caribbean. Emphasis was however placed on taking an approach in the process that facilitates the promotion of healthy life styles and the inculcation of positive values in sport rather than concentrate on the negatives.


The decisions of the meeting in Jamaica would now be forwarded to the Caricom Secretariat to facilitate appropriate decision-making at the level of the Council on Human and Social Development (COHSOD) scheduled for late October, in Georgetown, Guyana.
One can only hope that the decision making process does not take too long and that the peoples of the Caribbean would quickly move to allowing sports to play its part as a critical component of the development of the vast talented potential that exists here.