Sport and Environment Brochure

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St Vincent & the Grenadines

The National Olympic Committee has mandated the Olympic Academy to plan programmes and activities with the primary objective of building awareness of sport and the environment as critical to the sustainable development of our homeland. All participants in sport must be sensitive to the importance of maintaining a healthy environment at all times and to encourage those with whom they come into contact to do likewise.



In 1995 the IOC created a Sport and Environment Commission to advise the IOC Executive Board on what policy the IOC and Olympic Movement should adopt in terms of environmental protection and support for sustainable development and, through its members, support the IOC programmes and activities in this field.


From the beginning of a city’s desire to stage an Olympic Games, through to the long-term effects of those Games, environmental protection and, more importantly, sustainability, are prime elements of Games planning and operations.


Sport & the Environment

The environment was identified with sport in a very special way when the Centennial Olympic Congress, the Congress of Unity, held in Paris in 1994, recognized its importance to the clarion call for sustainable development.

As a result of the discussions at the Congress the International Olympic Committee (IOC) included a paragraph on Sport and the Environment in the Olympic Charter. More importantly the IOC regards the environment as the third dimension of Olympism. The other dimensions are   sport and culture.


Sports people and sporting organisations must commit themselves to:
•    minimize adverse environmental impacts and effects.

•    provide sustainable environmental legacies, such as rehabilitated and revitalized sites

•    promote environmental awareness

•    assist in developing improved environmental policies and practices

•    encourage and facilitate strong environmental actions

•    promote the educational value of good example

•    celebrate World Environment Day, 5 June, annually 


Click Here to Download this brochure as a PDF document