Sporting developments in SVG

Parents should enjoin with the respective sports associations and the NOC to endorse the GTIP and encourage their children’s participation.
Community groups should readily investigate the GTIP and give it their endorsement, then encourage participation by members of the community.
The NOC has been able to access some funding for the GTIP but it is not adequate and all the more so as other associations come on board. This means that the NOC would have to access additional resources locally and regionally to facilitate the GTIP’s sustainability.

We have just witnessed the Caribbean Cycling Classic held here in St Vincent and the Grenadines, hosted by the local Cycling Union. This was not the first occasion on which this event was hosted here but there were several features of this year’s event that reflected important developments with implications for the development of the sport and our standing in the continental region of the Americas.
Over the past few years Trevor Bailey, the St Vincent and the Grenadines Cycling Union’s president, has climbed the ladder of the regional governing body for the sport. He has been elected as the Caribbean representative on the continental body, COPACI, headed by his Cuban colleague.
Bailey’s ascendancy in the administration of the sport at the continental level has meant significant improvements for the sport in the Caribbean and here at home. Over the past year he has succeeded in accessing material assistance for the respective cycling bodies in the Caribbean. They have been allocated cycles for the development of the sport. This is particularly valuable in light of the increasing cost of this particular piece of equipment.
This year, the Caribbean Cycling Classic would have had its largest participation and also the event was witnessed by several important personalities in the sport at the international level.