Sporting developments in SVG

The recently concluded Table Tennis Independence Tournament served as the major trials for the selection of the national representative team to the pending OECS Table Tennis Tournament. It is important that we participate in this competition to assess where we are as a nation in the sport in the sub region and serve as an important guide to the future development strategy for the national association.

Under Shaun Young there has been a resurgence in the sport of Volleyball in both disciplines – Indoor and Beach. Of course in St Vincent and the Grenadines the paucity of facilities leaves us playing Indoor Volleyball outdoors using the existing hard courts – not in the best interest of the players or the quality of the game in the nation.
This organisation is the only association in the country that has its GTIP twice weekly – Saturdays and Sundays. The latter day is reserved for the development of the sport in South Rivers.
We have also witnessed the return of the National Volleyball Championships and the participation of several teams in keen competition.
The leadership has been engaged in several important regional and international administration forums while accessing an increasing number of training opportunities for the organisation’s coaches in tandem with the continental body – NORCECA and
The local Volleyball fraternity here is currently benefitting from an NOC programme that has an international coach working with the local coaches and the national team for an extended period – October 2008 through to February 2009. The impact on the development of the sport should be remarkable and hopefully, sustainable.