Sporting developments in SVG

Volleyball is a relatively cheap sport when compared to the likes of cycling, for example, and can be engaged in almost anywhere. It can be played on grass, concrete, wood, dirt, sand, and asphalt surfaces with relative ease although the FIVB requirements for competitions held under its auspices are often quite rigorous. This means that we should be able to establish the sport in every Village around the country with relative ease.
We should soon be witnessing the reintroduction of schools Volleyball competitions.

While there is much talk about sports academies here and elsewhere in the Caribbean, the NOC established its version effective December 2007 and hopes to maintain it on an annual basis.
For the NOC its academy is more a concept than a building. It can be deployed anywhere once facilities can be accessed.
For example, in 2007 when the NOC’s Sports Academy was first established it took the form of a residential programme in Athletics, Boxing, Cycling, Table Tennis and Volleyball. Athletes who had shown promise during the GTIP programme for the various sports during the year were selected to be involved in the Academy. Athletes and coaches were housed at the Bay Hill Apartments. Practicals were engaged in at the building that formerly housed the Government Printery for Table Tennis. Boxing and Athletics and Volleyball were done at the Arnos Vale Sports Complex while Cycling was done on the road from Arnos Vale to Georgetown.
The success of the inaugural NOC Sports Academy whetted the appetite of the associations involved and the NOC has agreed to host the event annually.
The Academy can open up great opportunities for Vincentian youths. Those selected can benefit immensely and, with improved skill development, move on to high performance training and more regular international competition, requisites for joining the elite in the respective sporting disciplines.