Sports challenges for 2007

The beneficiaries of the imported items are the athletes of St Vincent and the Grenadines.
National sports associations are almost always cash strapped and rely on the public and private sectors of the Vincentian community and the International Federations for their funding. They are not business entities of the order that requires government to ignore their particular needs in respect of equipment and other sporting goods.
It is unfortunate that the Government seems not to be understanding of this and continues to have them utilise much needed funds to pay duties for these items.
The NSC seems more a conduit for the transmission of documents rather than an independent body that makes decisions.
The time has come for the Government to determine whether it wishes to review the NSC Act to facilitate the organisation’s modernisation and a new mandate in respect of the areas of work it should cover.
The NSC has to be given more teeth and supportive funds to achieve the new mandate. Unless this is done the NSC will remain a toothless tiger incapable of earning the respect of the national sports
associations of the nation.

Sports Facilities
In St Vincent and the Grenadines, netball, squash and tennis have officially established sports facilities that they can call home.
The Government has been committed to the Caribbean Community, CARICOM, decision to support cricket in a major way that includes the Cricket World Cup and other aspects of the game. Indeed the other sporting bodies must by now be awe-struck by the CARICOM Heads’ decision to establish a CARICOM Committee on Cricket and this at a time when other sorts have long since done more for the promotion of the region than the game of choice.
Cricket in St Vincent and the Grenadines has been the beneficiary of a significant improvement in the facilities available to its leadership for the development of its work.
While cricket has not been officially provided with a home, there is a sense in which Arnos Vale has been viewed since its establishment as the home of cricket. However it should be stated here that Arnos Vale remains under the authority of the NSC.