Sports Tourism and political ole talk

Vera-Ann Brereton

Former Director of Tourism here, Vera-Ann Brereton, had an understanding of and appreciation for what constitutes sports tourism. Her years of experience working abroad in the field of tourism had allowed her to witness firsthand the immense benefits to small developing countries that sports tourism can and does make to the national coffers.

During her tenure here, Vera-Ann Brereton had placed in her strategic development plan for the industry the establishment of the post of Sports Tourism Officer. She had actually begun discussions with some national sporting bodies to garner their own views on sports tourism and to inform them of her intention.

If one were to review Vera-Ann Brereton’s strategic plan for tourism here one is sure to find that there were proposals in place in this regard and a scheduling of the employment of someone to fill the proposed position.

Of course, following the ascent of the Unity Labour Party, ULP, to governance of St Vincent and the Grenadines, Vera-Ann Brereton’s contract was not renewed.

Sports Tourism

It has long since been established that the tourism is a most diversified product. The components seem endless and there appears to be continued efforts to add to its already large stock of options.

Sports tourism has to do with a deliberate undertaking to seek out visitors who are keen on sport such that they bring to the recipient country a fairly consistent input into the treasury.