Sports Tourism and political ole talk

The ole people say that political talk could kill and they may be right. Many will die as they wait on the realisation of the dream of enhanced sporting facilities here for sports that are popular.

Basketball is one of the more popular sports and we have never seen it fit to facilitate the construction of an indoor facility that can also accommodate table tennis, volleyball and netball.

Better facilities also mean that the sports tourism thrust will prosper but also, more locals will become sufficiently enthusiastic and become players, coaches, technical administrators and officials. Many may also select from the ever-widening range of professional careers in sport.

As long as we continue talking rather than acting we can go nowhere. We are condemned to a chronic fixation on spinning top in mud while the political directorate make one blunder after another such as we have seen in the great legacy that is now Arnos Vale #1. We are condemned to watching it stand tall and reflect on the folly of it all.