St Kitts/Nevis prepares for Carifta 2008

The SKNAAA’s Affirmation
The leadership of the SKNAAA at first glance looks quite young. One would suggest that even at a second and third glance the leadership retains that first appearance.
The reality however is that the appearance of youth does in fact mask the experience and maturity of the individuals who now comprise the membership of the Executive of the SKNAAA.
Together the Executive members have become an awesome team possessive of a profound commitment to the development of track and field athletics in the Federation that is St Kitts and Nevis.
Under the leadership of Raphael Jenkins the SKNAAA has created a firm foundation for the development of the sport in the Federation without the fanfare usually associated with such an undertaking in the larger nations of the family that is the International Association of Athletics Federations, IAAF.
Few would have ever conceptualised that the creativity brought to bear within the leadership of the SKNAAA would yield the 100m Olympic Games finalist (2000), Commonwealth 100m gold medallist (2002) and the 100m IAAF World Championship gold medalist (2003) that now adorns the remarkable Kim Collins. Similarly, few would have expected the SKNAAA to submit a Bid for the Carifta Games at all let alone the Games of 2008. Fewer still would have expected the SKNAA to emerge victorious in its Bid.
The SKNAA however has defied all odds and has set itself on a course to deliver to the Caribbean region a 37th edition of the Carifta Games that surpasses in many respects all that has gone before.
The SKNAAA has committed itself to being good hosts and to facilitating a high quality product that sets a new standard for all those who are yet to host these most prestigious developmental championships.
Coming after the very high profile edition of the 36th Carifta Games in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos, the SKNAAA is confronted with some major challenges.

The Establishment of the LOC
Under the rules of the IAAF and its continental arm, the North American, Central American and Caribbean Area Association, NACAC, the Annual Carifta Games is awarded to the host Member Federation, MF, of the Caribbean Region – the Carifta Family of 26 – that the Carifta Congress deemed to have offered the best Bid. This decision emerges out of an official vote undertaken by the Congress where necessary.