St Kitts/Nevis prepares for Carifta 2008

In the case of the 37th edition of the Carifta Games the SKNAAA has been so awarded.
The award of the Carifta Games places on the host MF a tremendous responsibility to fulfill the Bid as submitted to the Carifta Family, by the delivery of a most successful competition as well as proving to be good hosts for the five days that the participating teams are in the country.
In most cases the MF appoints a Local Organising Committee, LOC, to undertake responsibility for the organisation and conduct of the Carifta Games. This LOC is answerable to the MF in all instances and the latter is answerable to NACAC.
The structure and size of the LOC must be such that it caters for all aspects of the work required to provide a most successful Carifta Games.
The LOC must be large enough that work can be spread around and individual members are not overloaded by tasks delegated to them and at the same time small enough to function efficiently and effectively.
The LOC must operate like a seamless web with a level of communication that guarantees that all of its members are duly in the know about what is happening at all times. In essence therefore there must be genuine synergy among the membership of the LOC.
The SKNAAA has already established its Local Organising Committee, LOC, headed by one of its Vice Presidents, Lester Hanley.
Hanley has been quick off the blocks in respect of the operationalising of the work of the LOC and the work has begun in earnest.
The various sections of the work  – accommodation, meals, transportation, protocol, security, medical, communications, ceremonies, media relations, marketing, sponsorship – have been spread among the members of the LOC and there is a sense all around St Kitts/Nevis that the 37th edition of the Carifta Games is in safe hands.
The LOC has been consistently communicating with the governmental authorities to ensure that the latter’s programme of work on the delivery of the national stadium well in advance of the Carifta Games 2008 is adhered to.