St Kitts/Nevis prepares for Carifta 2008

St Kitts and Nevis will therefore soon join those other Caribbean islands with an IAAF certified track that can cater for different levels of national, regional and international competitions in athletics.
Interestingly, the proposed inclusion of a Party Mound in the national stadium is in keeping with contemporary trends to make athletics competitions into major sporting spectacles. The Carifta Games 2008 promises to be an Event, not just a competition. Perhaps we do need to laud the SKNAAA for its insightfulness in this regard in terms of the Caribbean. We are otherwise usually so far behind the advanced nations of the world in so many different aspects of life.

The Games of 2008
Carifta Games 2007 has only recently been concluded but already the region is preparing for the 37th edition in St Kitts/Nevis.
Already the SKNAAA has signaled its intent to deliver a remarkable Meet for the three-days of competition.
Some enthusiastic promoters have already begun to discuss accommodation arrangements with hoteliers in St Kitts/Nevis for the Games of 2008. The Bahamas is well advanced in its planning in this regard. The word is that when the location of the Games is one that is new to Bahamians the numbers willing to travel as supporters increases significantly. Earlier this year the Bahamas took three large charters to Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands, two of which involved only supporters.
Plans are in place already in Martinique and Guadeloupe regarding the travel plans for their participating teams and supporters to the Games.
When one considers the fact that the Carifta Games in Providenciales over the Easter weekend witnessed some 400-odd supporters of participating teams one can appreciate the potential numbers that could descend upon St Kitts/Nevis next year.
There is little doubt that given the highly supportive media coverage that the 37th Carifta Games is already receiving from the local media in St Kitts/Nevis the Caribbean will be mush more tuned on to the event that has been the case hitherto.
The Carifta Games has emerged as the Caribbean’s Olympic Games in many respects. That it focuses attention on the tremendous athletics potential of our Caribbean’s youths makes it all the more significant in developmental terms especially at a time when traditional values appear to be waning and the scourge of drugs threatens our very survival as a people.