Stanford’s Money talks Cricket

We have had two editions of the Stanford Twenty20 tournament and he has delivered the monies he promised. Everyone now seems to be happy with the sudden influx of monies for the players of the region.
Stanford appears to have had an interest in accessing the rights to host a Twenty20 World Cup but the ICC had other ideas and hosted its own first edition in the latter part of 2007.
With the new Stanford initiative further afield and finally being able to persuade the English Cricket Board to see things his way, there seems little chance of his advances in the game at an international level.
Unlike Packer before him Stanford has not been able to introduce much by way of innovations to the game. Much of what we have come to know of the game has emerged from its already exciting history in South Africa and England itself.
The recent initiatives in other parts of the world, especially in India, where money seems to flow like water, all add to the new interest shown in the shortest version of the game.
Stanford’s inputs in the game are not as innovative as Packer at the time and Packer was not interested in seemingly selling himself. It was not common to see Packer so frequently the object of focus of the television cameras. He also did not seem interested in becoming involved in the sport beyond being a facilitator of change. Stanford appears to be interested in much, much more. Already he has accepted an offer from the West Indies Cricket Board to be one of its Directors.
From all appearances Stanford seems to have a lot more interest in his own involvement in the sport than Packer ever seemed to have wanted.

Stanford and the future
The future of West Indies cricket now seems to be inevitably intertwined with the desires of Allen Stanford.
There is little doubt that the West Indies Cricket Board may not have any idea of just where Stanford wants to go with his involvement in the sport. The latter is a businessman and his interests thus far appear driven by his business orientation.
As yet one does not get the impression that Stanford fits the bill as a philanthropist of note. What we have seen is really a businessman carving out what appears yet another fairly secure risky investment that has begun to pay off good dividends.
The West Indies Cricket Board has remained an indebted organisation despite the glowing comments made about the success of the CWC2007. The fortunes of the Board remain mired in what can only be a disaster.