Striving for Excellence

As someone involved in sport I have always held the view that in everything we do, excellence must be our ultimate goal.
Anything else would not do justice to those to whom we devote our many years of service.
I have tried, over the past several minutes to wet your appetite in respect of the importance of developing and maintaining very high standards as umpires; standards that take you along the path in pursuit of excellence.
It is a challenge and forgive me if I have taken up too much time in doing so. The point I wish to make is that we should never sell ourselves short in anything we do, regardless of what aspect of life we are dealing with.
If you pursue excellence in umpiring it could only redound unto a striving for excellence in all other aspects of one’s life.
You too will develop into a better person and this regardless of your age. We are never too old to learn.
Let today be a new beginning.
Commit yourselves and this noble organisation of IFNA of which you are a part, to the pursuit of excellence in umpiring.
I urge you therefore – Make excellence your ultimate goal.