SVG and the Beijing Olympics

There is no Vincentian swimmer who has been consistently training in facilities that would allow for major competitions.
In the case of Athletics the home-based athletes have been at a distinct disadvantage for the past two years at least. Of course, that is if we continue to ignore the disappointment of the failure of successive governments to fulfil their promises in respect of the construction of a national stadium.
Kineke earned her right to participate at the Games because she made the established standards.
The selection of a second athlete remains a major challenge for the athletics authorities.
Pamenos Ballantyne has not made the standard for the marathon and remains significantly adrift in respect of the standards for the 5000m and 10000m respectively. Road running competitions in the 5K and 10K do not in any way compare with the requirements for engaging in the same events on the synthetic surface of the track. The standards for athletics were to be met between the period 1 January 2007 and the end of July 2008. During this period no other Vincentian athlete besides Kineke has made the required standards.
The option is therefore to select the athlete deemed to be closest to the established standards and enter him/her under the IAAF’s ruling that allows one male and one female regardless of standards.
The team’s management is determined by the IOC’s Rules and the decision of the local governing body for the sport (s) being represented at the Games. According to the IOC Rules, a team of one male and one female athlete allows for three competition officials. One Team Manager, one Coach and one Chaperone. The IOC Rules also stipulates that the NOC selects a Chief of Mission who is the official head of the country’s delegation under the ambit of the NOC.
The President and General Secretary of each NOC is invited to be a guest of the IOC at the Games and do not form part of the official team delegation. Invitations are also extended to the Government, particularly the Head of Government and the Minister of Sport.
Each participating NOC is allowed to identify an Olympic Attaché whose expenses must be met by the individual so selected.

Representation at the Games
Ever since St Vincent and the Grenadines participated in its first Olympic Games as an independent nation in Seoul, South Korea, the overseas-based athletes have been among the first to be selected. This has to do with the fact that they receive a higher level of training, they engage in year-round training under supervision, compete more frequently at higher level competitions and general achieve better performances. They perform better at the world level.