SVG and the Beijing Olympics

We would continue to lament our nation’s inability to secure medals at the Olympic Games even as we see some of our overseas-based athletes climb the ladder of success at certain levels.
The NCAA works as much against us as it works for us. Often times the athletes are too tired following the conclusion of the rigorous NCAA Indoor and Outdoor competitions to perform well when representing us at the international level. Not being US citizens our athletes seem incapable of taking it easy while enjoying the benefit of athletic scholarships. They are fearful of losing out. They ought not to be blamed for this.
It is not surprising that many of the region’s leading athletes emerge following their schooling, with some exceptions. There are of course several outstanding Caribbean athletes who have difficulty expressing themselves and who never finished school. This is not something of which our region should be proud but it is our sad reality.
The solution to greater success for Vincentians in sport and especially at the prestigious quadrennial Olympics is planning. We have to plan at home. Success results from the preparation, implementation and monitoring of good plans.
We must stop the ole talk of the politicians and get serious about sport.
Next year’s Caribbean Games should be an opportunity for St Vincent and the Grenadines do show the region our immense sporting potential. The problem here is that we are already late. The facilities are still not in place yet when the Games comes around there will be many critics standing in line asking the same questions of our associations in respect of representation and performance. Given the lethargy of the political administration in respect of sport we are likely to have the critics receive the same answers.