SVG at multi sport Games in 2006

Adonson Shallow had benefited from training stints in Trinidad and Tobago and Cuba respectively in the Discus and much was expected from him.
Charmant Ollivierre was the other track and field athlete who was expected to give good account of himself in the 400m.
As things turned out, Alexander made it through to the semi-finals itself commendable, but with a disappointing time, showing signs of tiredness from a heavy Indoor season in the NCAA.
Bushay started relatively well making it through to the second round of the 100m and no farther.
Shallow faltered through inadequate warming up and difficulty in getting the Discus through the gate of the cage. His performance was disappointing.
The same can be said of Charmant Ollivierre who never made it beyond a very disappointing first round in the 400m.
The Netballers were targeted for their own hesitancy in respect of preparing themselves adequately for what was in effect another World Championships in light of the fact that the game is essentially a Commonwealth sport. It seemed that the Netball Association was itself bothered by the failure of many of the netballers to comply with its demands for them to practise regularly in preparation for the competition.
Additionally while the other Caribbean representative teams, Jamaica and Barbados, were busying themselves with competitive matches against top teams St Vincent and the Grenadines suffered from inadequate funds and stayed at home doing essentially very little.
The Netballers performed well below their best and only seemed a shadow of themselves in the final game.
The Cycling was also weak as the young Marlon Antrobus found the going much too tough for him in the gruelling road race adorned with some of the best in the world.
In Table Tennis the contingent lost without ever winning a game, much to the disappointment of the delegation.
Squash perhaps allowed us to salvage some pride as James Bentick earned himself a bronze medal playing in the Plate.
While we must appreciate the medal winning performance in the Plate we must recognise that it derives from the defeated players in the major aspect of the competition.