SVG at multi sport Games in 2006

The team to Cartagena comprised representatives from Athletics, Cycling, Squash, Swimming, Table Tennis and Tennis.
Athletics perhaps saved the day.
Kineke Alexander came to the Games having finished second in the 400m at the NCAA Outdoor Championships. She had competed in the 400m at the NACAC Under 23 Championships in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in early July but finished fourth in an unacceptable performance.
Committed to making amends for the NACAC performance Alexander took on the challenge of former World record holder, Ana Guevara of Mexico and Hazel Ann Regis of Grenada to cop bronze at the CAC Game sin Cartagena.
In doing so Alexander entered the annals of Vincentian sporting history yet again. She became the first Vincentian athlete in any sport to win a medal at the CAC Games.
Her victory was a boon to the delegation in Cartagena which had at the time been under the blues.
Pamenos Ballantyne who was left out of the team to the Commonwealth Games on grounds of having contested too many marathons in too short a space of time seemed completely out of it finishing the marathon in 2:44.00, perhaps his slowest time in this event since his cramped finish of over three hours in the Atlanta Olympics. It was a disappointing performance in weather conditions that were known in advance to be quite hot and humid.
Adonson Shallow did better this time around finishing a creditable fifth in the Discus event.
Charmant Ollivierre did not show any real improvement finishing in just over 49 seconds in the 400m.
While the locally based track and field athletes suffered from the unavailability of fields on which to adequately prepare themselves the opportunities available to Alexander did much for her success. Attempts had been made to get locally
based athletes to Meets in Grenada and St Lucia at the senior level. The better ones were taken to the NACAC Under 23.
Obviously this was not enough to ensure greater success.
In the pool the lone swimmer, Stephenson Wallace, seemed outclassed. The absence of a pool and lack of regular competition took its toll, a matter that must be readily addressed by the local governing body for the sport.
The young Tennis duo of Corey Huggins and Kirk Da Silva tried but found the going much too tough for their level of play. The competition was high and they lost in the Singles in their respective first encounters. They however fared better in the Doubles even though they suffered defeat in their first encounter.