SVG at multi sport Games in 2006

Their potential however remains in evidence and could only be developed through high level training and regular competition.
Both Huggins and Da Silva were training in the USA but are still Juniors aged 17 years and still have a long way to go before maturing.
The Table Tennis team seemed to have been outclassed as well. Each of the players suffered at the hands of their opponents.
The cyclists, Marlon Antrobus and Dominic Ollivierre, found that the Colombians, Venezuelans and Mexicans were simply too well prepared for them to make an impact. Ollivierre was forced out of the race after being lapped while Antrobus finished down the field.
In Cycling there needs to be higher level training and exposure to higher levels of competition of our cyclists are to make an impact on the international scene. Road racing at the CAC Games was at an extremely high level since both Colombia and Venezuela are among the highly rated in the world in this aspect of the sport.
Generally the team to the CAC Games may well have been somewhat better prepared than the one that attended the Commonwealth Games.
The CAC Games are an important developmental event that allows us to gauge our progress relative to our neighbours. It also allows us to know where we stand relative to the rest of the world.
We do need to remind ourselves that the USA and Canada are not involved in the CAC Games and for one reason or another the Jamaicans, Trinidadians, Bahamans and Barbadians seemed ineffective for the most part in the athletics arena, while the small islands took home some important medals through the performances of athletes from St Lucia, BVI, USVI, Netherlands Antilles, Grenada, St Kitts/Nevis and St Vincent and the Grenadines.
The performance of several small islands at the CAC Games reflect the importance of sports infrastructure at home, access to high level training and appropriate competitions.
It is also a reflection that the development strategies being employed by their respective national sports associations are working to the benefit of the athletes and the respective sporting disciplines.
It is a reflection of proper sporting structures within the respective national sports associations themselves.