SVG Tennis ROCKS!!!!!

Report from Coach John Goede of Suriname

Dear friends,

I left St.Vincent on a High this Sunday morning.


  • I saw quite a beautiful group of tennis players with the green ITF bats and the little ITF nets at the Haddon courts. These courts are made available for the community kids and Grant Connel was there together with Trevor Sam. There were at least 40 children present with so much natural co-ordination . Started at 09:00h and they went well over 12:00h.
    I advised the staff to let the kids play and not stand in a line waiting for the feeding of balls.
    We all should be very aware that we let kids play out of spontaneous actions. We as Coaches will guide them towards the better technique where applicable.
  • There was a very large turn out at the lottery court where Samantha and Kebejha were part of the ITN testing. We could not test all the participants because there were more than 50 players present. ALL EAGER TO BE ON THE COURT. We did some footwork co-ordination before we went on with the test. After the test we talked about the discipline of training and the need for competition to play each other. I also invited all present to be at the 14:00h games at the NTC and the U18 Hard Talk.
  • And then we arrived at the NTC to have the U12 & 14 games. We had so much FUN during the games and all participants played at least 6 matches!!!!!!!!!!! We had 14 players U12 and 15 for the U14. GREAT MATCHES, GREAT FUN!!!!!!!!
  • NOTE: the players in this group could administer the games by themselves after the structure was in place!!!!!!!
  • On the Mini-Courts we had U10 matches where we could see the growth of the participants during the matches. It was great, SUPER GREAT, to see the U10 play with the RED BALL all the way into the night. Natifa and Andy moved the nets to court 2 to play under the lights. Just to finish it. Total of 14 U10 players!! Was a great experience! PLAY AND STAY. ASKING FOR MORE!!!!
  • U18 players had a HARD TALK with me and the representative of the SVG Tennis Tournament Committee. The choice is in their hand  whether they would like to train more and with better efficiency. That they can get together and organize their own little tournaments. if the U14 and U12 could administer it by themselves, why not the older players?

Can we get players to play A weekly competition?????

The Calendar of Events tells us that there will be a few tournaments in February!!!!

I left on a high and the development brings joy to the hearts of those who have a passion for Tennis!!

Soon again!