TASVG 2007 – a critical analysis

Adonson’s successes overshadowed those of Kineke Alexander who placed second in the NCAA Indoor 400m and third at the NACAC Open Championships.

Delhonni Samuel’s bronze medal at the Carifta Games was significant while the attainment of world youth standards by Courtney Williams and Aniesha Anderson spoke volumes of our capacity to prepare athletes here at home in the face of the seemingly endless challenges confronting the sport.

Pamenos Ballantyne continued to blaze a trail across the region but faltered in some of the more significant events. His performance was not as consistently high as was the case in previous years.

The organisation enjoyed higher levels of public interest in athletics throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines, especially as a result of increased media promotions. The organisation had the benefit of increased television coverage of our activities during the year. Additionally there were numerous press conferences, press releases, more information and pictures on the NOC’s website and several newspaper articles and advertisements.

The quality and attractiveness of TASVG events did undergo some measure of improvement during the year. There was much effort at professionalizing operations such that events reflected this change.

TASVG did develop and present a comprehensive sponsorship package to potential sponsors and achieved a fair measure of success in this regard allowing for a number of competitive and developmental activities to be successfully conducted.

The TASVG brands are now well established and much better known in the country and further afield.

The organisation was the leader in the organisation of an Academy for athletes eventually paving the way in the establishment of an annual NOC Sports Academy