TASVG 2007 – a critical analysis

There has been significant improvement in the equipment stock of TASVG such that the Kids In Athletics (KIA), Right On Track (ROT), Academy and Project 2012 programmes can be adequately served. The focus now must be on ensuring that adequate equipment is placed in communities around St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The acquisition of competition computer software – Hy Tek – now allows for the results management process to be more professional and efficient.

TASVG has recently established a new relationship with the Langley Mustangs Athletics Club of British Colombia, Canada, which will yield immense support to the KIA, ROT and Project 2012 athletes.

National competitions came off successfully despite having to be conducted on a smaller track than has been the case in the past several years.

There has been impressive progress with the Inter Financial Institutions Sports Meet

National representative teams and TASVG leadership now look much better since the introduction of attractive, branded uniforms.

Project 2012

Team Athletics St Vincent and the Grenadines has embarked on a new initiative called, “Project 2012”. This initiative aims at taking TASVG’s athletes onto the world stage in mainstream athletics by 2012 having established a set of targets along the way. There are targets established for each year for all of the major events in which TASVG participates.