TASVG 2007 – a critical analysis

During 2007 TASVG achieved a significant proportion of its targets in the Project 2012 and seems set to do even better in respect of the designated targets for 2008.

National athletes have been sent to receive high performance training and one has accessed an athletics scholarship.

The organisation has also been in contact with Vincentians in the Diaspora who have interest in representing this country and who have established credible performances in the sport in their country of residence. A number of new faces will be observed by the Vincentian sport loving public and the chances of enhanced achievements in the regional and international arena would be significantly boosted.

Already we have firm commitments from Ruth Brereton, Clayton Latham and Gerard Lewis.

The down side

During 2007 the TASVG did not do as well as expected in some areas. This was unfortunate but must nonetheless serve to propel the organisation to higher levels of commitment, organisation and management.

During the year the organisation continued to have problems getting the majority of trained/certified coaches to function effectively in its development initiatives despite having facilitated their training in the first place and with incentives being provided. This remains a bothersome problem for the development of the sport. It inhibits the pace of progress.

The rural areas are replete with talented youths yet the organisation merely scratches the surface with its ROT programme. There are not enough willing persons coming forward to be trained in coaching the sport in these areas such that the interested and talented athletes can be assured of follow-up during the periods between ROT visits.