TASVG 2007 – a critical analysis

The Technical Director, Gideon Labban, continues to bemoan the seeming tardiness of those coaches who could do more for the sport.

The coaches who do work in the field are stretched but continue to provide yeoman service to the children and youths of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

There is a sense in which the planning for some events remained too slipshod and the organisation of awards ceremonies after events are largely unattractive. While there have been planning scheduled established for each event there have been instances where they did not seem to be adhered to and this may have caused some deficiencies to be observed and negatively impact the end product.

The area of technical officiating remains very weak with too few persons involved leaving a heavy burden on a few committed souls. A comprehensive review of this aspect of the organisation’s work must be undertaken with some dispatch if it is to be redressed.