TASVG 2007 – a critical analysis

During the year the TASVG did not succeed in the organisation of any Village Meets which have been deemed critical to enhancing the image of the organisation and a significant fillip to its work in the country.

Despite having given a commitment to doin
g so the TASVG did not succeed, during 2007, with the development of a strong Masters Programme for past athletes and those persons who engage in recreational physical activities. This is a rapidly growing area of the sport at the international and regional levels with competitions being keenly contested and highly appreciated by sporting enthusiasts.

Another critical failure came is the organisations weak club structure. However, it still managed to make certain that individuals did not compete unattached. They had to be affiliated to some organisation recognised by TASVG.


No National sports organisation can develop without engaging in critical analyses of its performance each year. That the TASVG continues to engage in Annual retreats aimed at accomplishing this task remains commendable. Unfortunately, this could all come to naught if the recommended changes to propel the organisation to new heights are not supported by the incorporation of personnel who are at once qualified, capable, competent and committed to the cause of the promotion of athletics in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

If the TASVG wishes to set new standards among Vincentian sporting organisations it would merely be twiddling its thumbs. Instead, it has to consider raising the bar enough for it to be able to match the developments that are taking place at the global level in the sport of athletics. This requires a tremendous amount of work and the ‘labourers in the TASVG vineyard’ must begin to press all the more eagerly, their shoulders to the wheel.