T&T Won the Draw

On the field of play the Jamaicans were seemingly put in their place as they exited the Cup without a single point to their credit.
Trinidad and Tobago is therefore the third Caribbean team at the FIFA World Cup.
Unlike Haiti and Jamaica before them the Trinbagonians earned their first World Cup point in their very first encounter on the second day of competition. More than this, the smallest nation ever to make it to the World Cup Finals were up against a highly ranked Swedish team with a much richer and more renowned list of players ready to engage in friendly rivalry in the middle.
The performance of the Trinbagonians saw them emerge with a goalless draw that has startled the global football fraternity, and has suddenly elevated the team and the nation in the eyes of the world.

They Won the Draw
On Saturday evening, the joy of earning a draw against Sweden spilled over from the Trinbagonians huddled together in Germany, to the multitude at home, to the Diaspora and to Caribbean people everywhere.
Indeed in the twin-island Republic, where for the previous week patriotism attained an all-time high with flags being flown from homes, cars, trucks,  motorcycles and bicycles, there was an outpouring of emotionalism that exceeded expectations.
According to one source, it was as though Trinidad and Tobago had won the grand final at the World Cup.
There was celebration everywhere.
Here in St Vincent and the Grenadines sports enthusiasts were everywhere sharing the euphoria. This was the case throughout the Caribbean.
Screen printer, John “John-C” Crichton perhaps best described the situation as perceived by our Caribbean people. “Trinidad and Tobago won the draw”, Crichton stated.
The truth is that Trinidad and Tobago may well have defied the odds all around.